Trademark registration in the U.K.

Conner & Co lawyers have successfully completed the preparation and filing of documents for registration of a trademark in the UK and later to WIPO for a British financial company headquartered in London (hereinafter — the “Client”), which provides payment system and payment platform services worldwide.

Conner & Co lawyers assisted the Client in determining the required amount of registration of rights to solve all the main business tasks, which made it possible to optimise costs by ensuring effective protection of trademark rights. Conner & Co lawyers prepared the entire package of documents required for registering a trademark and represented the Client in the UK Intellectual Property Office throughout the registration process, keeping the Client updated on the current status of each of the registration stages.

As a result of the successful registration of trademark rights in the UK, Conner & Co lawyers, at the request of the Client, applied to the World Intellectual Property Organisation in order to ensure the protection of the Client’s trademark rights in a number of WIPO member countries.

The interests of the Client were represented by Counselor Lilia Akkuchukova, Managing Legal Advisor and Project Manager Christopher Manaryan and Legal Advisor Daniil Tuz.